Fridge over troubled waters

'Why do you care about the US? It's the old UK behaviour. Pretending to be the Bridge. Ahum. The better way is to overlook those US guys & concentrate on all things European' - chides a regular reader who is also a friend, Fred Frith fan, and sometime Belgian Kyle Gann. Also in the inbox was the email below, which I had to feature. Not because it says nice things about the path, although that never goes amiss. But because it introduces a blog described as 'A quiet place for music and arts'. I may not always succeed; but the path does try to be multi-faceted, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and, with the help of my readers, molto bene.
Dear Pliable, I'm a regular reader of the Overgrown Path, that I consider as a model for all of us. I've read your post about the shortage of new music blogs,but I was not sure that you were interested also in other languages. Now that I've seen a French blog, and I decided to write.

My name is Sergio Bestente. I work "by day" as editor for an Italian publisher (, specialized in musicological books and travel literature, and in the evening, to remain in touch with practical music, I work at the surtitles for the local opera theatre (Teatro Regio di Torino).

After many years of musical criticism for some Italian reviews, many discussions with editorial boards and arguments with editors in chief, in 2007 I decided to open a blog: I can't explain the exact reason, but it's something about freedom and curiosity.

It's not an easy work, but I discovered a world of free thinkers, many of them with a knowledge, an erudition and a mastery of the musical field that I've never met on newspaper and reviews. Time is always a problem, and many times I've thought to quit. But I really think that blogs are a real revolution in the world of communication and media, and I've understood that the best way to understand it is by trying it.

I thank you for all the ideas, the knowledge and the wit that you pour every day on your posts, and I hope that the Overgrown Path will be more and more read. On my side, I try to make my part, linking it in my favourite sites.

Many thanks, and all the best. Sergio
Now back to the US for more troubled waters.
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