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I found your article about Silvestrov's Fifth Symphony, and other Fifths very interesting. I'm sure you will probably be aware, but I just wanted to remind you that the London Philharmonic Orchestra are performing Silvestrov's Fifth Symphony at the Royal Festival Hall on 22 April 2009 under Principal Conductor Vladimir Jurowski.

Kath Trout London Philharmonic Orchestra
Thanks for that Kath. That concert certainly has an adventurous programme. In addition to the Silvestrov symphony there is the premiere of Benjamin Yusupov's Cello Concerto and a work by Giya Kancheli. It is good to see Silvestrov's symphony becoming established in the repertoire. I notice that the currently controversial Valery Gergiev programmed it with his Marinsky Orchestra in a recent concert in Belgium in a concert that also included Galina Ustvolskaya's Third Symphony.

Below is a YouTube video that uses one of Valentin Silvestrov's beautiful Silent Songs (Stille Lieder). More audio samples here.

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Pliable said…
Trawling through YouTube clips that feature Silvestrov's music is a fascinating experience.

One video of his Postlude for cello and piano has what sounds like a hairdryer augmenting the cello line -

Perhaps it escaped from the Magic Spa and Hairdresser in Oslo City Shopping Center which is the unlikely venue for a performance of Silvestrov's Kitsch Music -
Pliable said…
The Silent Song used in the YouTube video is "Farewell, O world, O Earth" from a poem by Taras Schevchenko.
Garth Trinkl said…
Pliable, without having time to confirm this I'm going to add, nonetheless, that Silvestrov's setting of "Farewell, O world, O Earth" by Taras Schevchenko is also part of the haunting "Cantata" by Silvestrov, available on Megadisc Classics (which introduced Silvestrov, as well as Galina Ustvolskaya to the Western side of Europe back in the early to mid 1990s, prior to Sony and ECM's efforts.)

The poem and the music from the Cantata also, I believe, make their way into Slvestrov's Requiem for his wife, the Ukrainian musicologist Larissa Bondarenko.

(I now have to find time to listen to Silvestrov's new chamber music set for piano, violin, and cello entitled DRAMA -- released about a year ago by Koch Intl Classics and featuring pianist Jenny Lin, cellist Yves Dharamraj, and violinist Cornelius Dufallo.)
Pliable said…
An interesting overgrown path. The title of that YouTube video is the same as William Alwyn's Fifth Symphony - 'Hydriotaphia'.

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