BBC - 794 miles for some sweet Stravinsky

I have written here of how the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (BBCSSO) is currently one of the UK's finest bands. The BBCSSO is based in Glasgow, as is BBC Scotland, as are some very fine radio presenters. But, for last night's live relay from Glasgow of the BBCSSO playing Stravinsky and Rachmaninov, BBC Radio 3 chose to use London based classical-jock of the moment Petroc Trelawny (above) to present the concert. Even if we forget that the ubiquitous and cringe-inducing Trelawny is a prime reasons why Radio 3 is currently losing listeners there was a 794 mile round trip to Scotland and back at executive travel rates to present 115 minutes of music when perfectly good (OK I'll say it, much better) local presenters were available. And the BBC complain about their license fee settlement.

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Pliable said…
Frustration at BBC Radio 2.5 is spreading. The BBC 'Platform 3' discussion page has a thread that starts by saying that this post 'reminded me again that presenters do matter and why I don't listen to R3 any more'.

What is more interesting is that the Overgrown Path server logs indicate that some of the comments on Platform 3 that are very critical of the Radio 3 presentation style are originating from the BBC's IP address.
Pliable said…
Email received:

Yes I was at the BBCSSO concert. For some reason, Petroc Trelawny was looking very Alan Partridge like-miked up in a smart suit and introducingthe concert from the stage. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't necessary...


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