Lang Lang - it's a circus act

The 80 year old André Previn tells us he doesn't do classical music YouTubified in a Guardian interview:

Lots of other things annoy Previn ... The marketing of classical music. He is particularly irritated by Lang Lang, the hugely successful Chinese pianist who throws himself about at the piano like Elton John. "It's a circus act, you know? Why doesn't he just come out and juggle? [Oh the synchronicity! - Pliable] He's an amazing pianist, but I can't watch, not for one minute. And yet he is probably the biggest box-office success in the world, for a classical musician" ... He doesn't think Lang Lang will last. "People will get tired of all the shenanigans."

Hey André, Lang Lang is almost statuesque. As this YouTube clip titled Morton Feldman Dances shows:

The real thing is here.
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At first I had trouble watching the gyrations of the performer of "Morton Feldman Dances." But then, recalling Morty's aesthetic appreciation for pretty girls, I perhaps got a better feel for it.

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