As banks implode and lives are ruined

When I was in search of Pablo Casals recently I sung the praises of his Salve Montserratina but went on to say - 'Sadly you will have to take my word about the relative merit of Casals' music. With the exception of a few mixed choral programmes it is very poorly represented on the CD ... Pablo Casals' sacred choral music is most definitely worth searching out; but, like us, you may have to travel to France to hear it.'

Well, it is nice to be proved wrong, and even nicer to be proved wrong by the BBC. On 4 October at 4.00pm UK time BBC Radio 3 is broadcasting Choral Vespers for the Feast of St Francis of Assisi in a recording made in Montserrat Abbey, Spain, with the BBC's Pilgrim Consort. And, joy of joy, you can watch a video of the Pilgrim Consort singing Pablo Casal's Salve Montserratina via this link. As banks implode and lives are ruined this is a unique opportunity to experience something timeless and inspirational - don't miss it.

Header photo is by Casals' literary collabarator Albert E. Kahn and shows the Catalan chorus of the Prades Festival singing Casals' O Vos Omnes. The composer is seated in the doorway. Read about a commercial recording of O Vos Omnes here.
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Pliable said…
Yesterday's BBC Radio 3 Choral Evensong from Brompton Oratory was also sheer delight.

Catch it until September 24 on BBC i-Player -

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