We'll never turn back

News of the victory of hard line right-wing candidate Boris Johnson in the election for London mayor causes many of us to be afraid. So I was glad I had to hand We'll Never Turn Back, the inspirational new CD from Mavis Staples.

The Staples Singers were a major voice in the American civil rights movement and they sung the great freedom songs including Why Am I Treated So Bad? When Will We Be Paid for the Work We've Done? and Long Walk to DC. On the new CD Barack Obama supporter Mavis Staples revisits twelve of the classic freedom songs in an album produced by Ry Cooder and with a line-up of musicians including Ladysmith Black Mambazo. This is no gentle walk to memory lane, the urgent, upbeat and powerful music really rocks, and here is Mavis Staples explaining what it is about:

With this record, I hope to get across the same feeling, the same spirit and the same message as we did with the Staples Singers - and to hopefully continue to make positive changes. We've got to keep pushing to make the world a better place. Things are better but we're not where we need to be and we'll never turn back.

Amen to that.

Now read about Love of the Blues.
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Pliable said…
This profile of Boris Johnson is interesting - he was born in New York and until recently was a US citizen -


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