Chopined out? - try a different radio experience

Here are three very good reasons to try the Future Radio experience. All the broadcasts are available on the internet plus 96.9FM in the Norwich, UK area. Times are UK (convert to local here) and more details on the two marathon projects will follow nearer the broadcast dates.

May 18 & 19 - As relief from BBC Radio 3's endless Chopin Experience you can listen on Sunday May 18 at 5.oopm (repeated May 19) to music in exile by Bohuslav Martinu, Karl Weigl and Peter Paul Fuchs. The webcast of Peter Paul Fuchs' Five Miniatures for chamber ensemble from private tapes is a Future Radio first. Grammy winning conductor John McLaughlin Williams knew Fuchs and he sent me this comment after listening to the advance podcast of this Sunday's programme - 'I hope you'll have a wide audience for the Fuchs/Weigl broadcast. I downloaded the Fuchs and it's interesting. Sounds just like I imagined his mature music would. Merits further investigation'.

May 26 12.01am (this is a holiday weekend in both UK and US) - After the complete Inner Cities comes another Future Radio first with the broadcast premiere of a complete African trance ritual recorded in the medina of Marrakech, Morocco. The performance is played by traditional gnawa musicians (above) and has been made possible by a collaboration between Future Radio and KamarStudios who are based in Marrakech and New York. The trance ritual lasts for approximately two hours and will be followed by a one hour minimal trance set combining the traditional gnawa musicians with two young Marrakech DJs whose influences include Philip Glass and Bill Laswell.

August 25 12.01am (UK holiday) - a complete webcast of Kaikhosru Sorabji's epic piano cycle Opus Clavicembalisticum played by Geoffrey Douglas Madge without any announcements or other interruptions. Just think, four hours of radio without once having to endure Petroc Trelawney. Do join thousands of other happy new ears for the Future Radio experience.
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Keith said…
I'm a bit of a bozo when it comes to streaming content.

What do I have to do on Sunday to hear your channel on a Mac OS computer?

Pliable said…
Keith, it should be as simple as going to Future Radio at

and clicking on the 'listen online' link top right.

This will open the audio stream in your computers default media player which should be iTunes and you just listen.

Note the programmes are in real time, so you need to convert from the UK broadcast times, although there are podcast versions of some of them at iTunes -

Hope this works, just shout if it doesn't.
Keith said…
Aha! Parental controls were switched on for podcasts and radio programs. Amazing, bearing in mind my Mum has never used the internet and I'm 50. All sorted.

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