The art of the headline

The fight to the death in the U.S. primaries has taken world media attention away from an important election that takes place today. The contest for the powerful post of London mayor is a two horse race between current incumbent Labour candidate Ken Livingstone and Conservative Boris Johnson. Today's poll has produced one of the more memorable Guardian headlines seen above, read the rest of the story here.

More on the art of the headline here.
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Pliable said…
For those interested the result of the poll for London mayor will not be available until Friday evening due to the complex multiple-choice voting system -
Henry Holland said…
Pliable, thanks for the link to that Guardian article, I thought the election was in the summer. There's some choice quotes in there:

Arabella Weir
Actor and writer

I will go on hunger strike and throw myself in front of the next horse at Ascot if he wins. Failing that I was going to say I'll sleep with him, but he'd probably say yes. So instead I'll chain myself to the railings of his house. And then I'll move out of London.

Hahaha, "he'd probably say yes".

Kwame Kwei Armah
Playwright and actor

"If Boris were elected, I'd feel confused. I would find it challenging that we so willingly condescend to America, and laugh that someone like George Bush could be made president, and then elect someone who is willing to play the buffoon to run one of the most important capitals in the world."

Oh god, yes, the whole "Bush is someone you'd like to have a beer with" thing that was a mantra during the 2004 election. I don't want a politician to be a drinking buddy --we'll ignore the stupidity of that meme as Bush is supposed to be sober-- I want them to get things done.

Bonnie Greer

"Boris Johnson in the role of mayor would feel like being trapped on the set of The Wizard of Oz minus the soundtrack and the Technicolor. His election would be the ultimate triumph of the Kensington and Chelsea gulag and the Bullingdon Ascendancy. Please, London. I moved from New York City, for God's sake, to live among you. Don't choose the clown!"

Hahahaha, "the Kensington and Chelsea gulag".

Good luck London!

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