Xenakis - the eyes have it

'This is the first time I've heard any music by Xenakis; it's completely bowled me over, even though I'm not sure I've really understood it (or not understood it). Intuition? But can one always trust it? ... It seems to me that this, in fact, is what I'd call real 'new' music.'

Which famous musician seen in the photo above said this? The image will gradually enlarge until the correct answer is posted. Hear Xenakis' Komboi on my Future Radio programme tomorrow,
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Antoine Leboyer said…
Messiaen would be too easy, who not Le Corbusier ?

Pliable said…
Good try Antoine and I like the Xenakis link. But I'm afraid no.

As before I'll post answers until the right one comes in.
Pliable said…
To help get the eyes right Synaphaï was composed in 1969 and Mists in 1981.

When I cropped the photo I thought it looked like Furtwängler. But as he died in 1954 it pretty obviously isn't.
georg.k said…
Svjatoslav Richter, is it not?
Anonymous said…
Is it Sviatoslav Richter?

Pliable said…
Email received:

OMG! It's Herbie!!!!!! Actually that's what I originally thought, but nah!

Pliable said…
Well done georg.k and archrights who both measure 10.0 on the Richter scale.

The quote is from his Notebooks and Conversations edited by Bruno Monsaingeon (who also worked with Glenn Gould) which includes an extending and very enlightening diary of music he listened to.

Stimulating reading -


Incidentaly, good to see that one of those correct answers came from an important non-music blog -


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