We're riding on the Marrakesh Express

Marrakech in Morocco is one of the few cities that I haven't seen in this blog's reader stats. But if there are any readers there, or if anyone knows the music scene I'd love to hear from them via overgrownpath at hotmail.co.uk as we will be there next week.

While on the subject of Crosby, Stills & Nash can anyone explain why the lyrics of that classic track talk of

Travellin the train through clear Moroccan skies -
Ducks, and pigs, and chicken call, animal carpet wall to wall

when there are hardly any ducks in Morocco, and as it is a strictly Muslim country there are about as many pigs as polar bears? Presumably it was all to do with

blowing smoke rings from the corner of my mouth

C,S & N also appear in Notes of a College Revolutionary.
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