Not the usual jazz meets classical date

Email received - Pliable: I'm an American jazz & blues fan who's finally discovering classical/new music/Zen Buddhism due to your blog. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Was wondering if you've heard Kenny Wheeler's "Other People" (CAMJ 7801-2) yet? Its with the Hugo Wolf String Quartet and pianist John Taylor. Not really the usual "jazz meets classical" date; it's quite refreshing. KW actually sits out a few on his own record!

Also, David Munrow is on the (relatively) new Pentangle box (Sanctuary/Castle UK - cover above) from the early 70s. Apologies if this is all old news to you; I don't presume to know more than the Master! Thanks again for your blog. Kind regards, TE

Now read about Sweden's best kept secret.
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Pliable said…
String quartets with jazz vibes is an interesting thread.

It's prompted me to put Michel Petrucciani's Marvellous with Dave Holland, Tony Williams and the Graffiti String Quartet in the CD player.,,194397,00.html

The Michel Petrucciani search string is worth following:
Unknown said…
I'd add Blood Ulmer's "Harmelodic Guitar With Strings" to the list, too.

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