The magnificent Orthodox liturgy

I understood very soon that the magnificent, long and varied Orthodox Liturgy was the root and strength of the monastic day. It was the blazing fire at the centre of the house; its life and flame was the way of the house, all other activities led to it and in some way supported it - Jennifer Lash writes of her stay at the Monastery of Mother of God at Bussy-En-Othe, France in On Pilgrimage. A remarkable book by a remarkable lady. It is out of print but still available from remainder specialists, don't hesitate. On Pilgrimage (see cover below) is dedicated to another remarkable lady, Margery Kempe.

Now playing - Chants of the Great Lent and Holy Pascha sung by St Peter & Paul Choir of Minsk conducted by Irina Denisova. (Not generally available in West, sleeve above). Read about lots more sacred Orthodox music here.

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