An Overgrown Path just got longer

Due largely to requests from transatlantic listeners Future Radio's new schedule includes a repeat of my Overgrown Path programme at 12.50am UK time on Monday mornings. This translates approximately to Sunday afternoon and evening on the North American East and West Coasts, find the exact time locally here and connect to the audio stream here.

The repeats start today (Feb 3) with a programme of early and contemporary music from the Santiago Pilgrimage. Do catch the excerpts from Jody Talbot's new Path of Miracles if you can, they are well worth hearing. More details here.

It may be a small step, but this repeat is recognition that classical music is far from dead, and that adventuous programming produces results. Thank you Overgrown Path readers and listeners for making this possible.

Overgrown Path forward programme schedule - all works are played complete:
* Feb 10 - John Cage Concerto for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra and Frescobaldi Canzoni
* Feb 17 - Vaughan Willimas Symphony No 8 (part of a cycle of all his symphonies in 2008) and Thomas Tallis' choral music
* Feb 24 - Elliott Carter Pastoral for Clarinet and Piano and Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello and Harpsichord, and J.S. Bach Trio Sonatas transcribed by Robert King
* March 2 - Michael Tippett Second Symphony (composer conducting) and Corelli Concerti Grossi No 8, 'Christmas Concerto'
* March 9 - Lou Harrison Concerto for Violin with Percussion Orchestra (new recording) and early music from the eastern Sephardic communities, plus a Ghanaian circumcision dance!

* March 16 - Angela Hewitt plays Messiaen and Bach.

Listen on Future Radio at 5.00pm every Sunday and 12.50am every Monday UK time in real time here (convert to local time zones here). Windows Media Player doesn't like the audio stream very much and takes ages to buffer. WinAmp or iTunes handle it best. Unfortunately the royalty license doesn't permit on-demand replay, so you have to listen in real time. Report broken links, missing images and errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot uk


Pliable said…
Meanwhile BBC Radio 3 has its own interpretation of adventurous programming


Lara's Theme from Dr Zhivago
Boston Pops Orchestra
Arthur Fiedler (conductor)
RCA 09026 60966-2 T13

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