Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is this a record?

CDs just seem to get shorter. After 48 minutes from the Kronos Quartet yesterday comes a new Deutsche Grammophon full price release today of Mikhail Pletnev playing Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto which lasts for 38 minutes. But neither match the Wergo CD of Stockhausen's Kontakte I wrote about here which plays for just 34 minutes 56 seconds. Is that a record? Or is it an MP3 file?

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Pliable said...

Email rcieved:

The WERGO release of Kontakte dates from the early days of releasing the exact same LP on CD, regardless of length, and with no filler. So you had the option of LP (-1 in the catalogues), CD (-2) or Cassette (-4) (Thank God 8-Track was gone!) I haved numerous early releases like that. A Sacre du Printemps on DENON with Fedoseyev comes to mind. And pop CD's never stopped issuing short discs. 28 minutes in total is not unusual. Rip off!


David Cavlovic