Surgeon General's Warning: Inner Cities

"The German psychologist Dr. Weisenhutter interviewed the musicians of the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra and found them beset by psychogenic illnesses. The players are impotent. They hate new music. After playing it they cannot engage in sexual activity. This is understandable, for musicians are emotional people and if a musician is not convinced of the validity of what he does, his sexual life is bound to suffer" ~ from Boulez - Composer, Conductor, Enigma by Joan Peyser (Schirmer ISBN 0028717007)

Be prepared for a disturbed night, or worse. At 12.01am tonight UK time the first complete broadcast of Alvin Curran's Inner Cities will start. The four and a half hour cycle will be broadcast in full without any announcements or advertisements, and pianist Daan Vanderwalle will be introducing the performance with me. The programme starts at 12.01am on Wednesday December 5 in the UK, which is afternoon or evening Tuesday December 4 in North and South America. Convert to your local time zone here.

Read the full Inner Cities story here. Now, can I attempt some Putin style vote rigging? If you think projects like the complete Inner Cities webcast should be a regular feature please go to the Future Radio web site now, and send a message of support to the station via either the the studio messenger or email links. The station can't measure the internet listeners, but it can measure messages, so every response counts.

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Lisa Hirsch said…
Just to avoid any confusion: you mean 12:01 am UK time, just as Wednesday starts?
Pliable said…
Lisa, yes that is right. Very early Wednesday morning in the UK, which is afternoon/evening on Tuesday in North and South America.

Midnight is a slightly ambiguous time!

Lisa Hirsch said…
Excellent, thank you!
Pliable said…
Great to see this story on Alvin Curran's web site -
Rod Warner said…
... just tuned in and wonderful - thanx for the link!
Lisa Hirsch said…
Windows Media Player initially choked before deciding after five minutes that it really could handle the format, hooray. Playing now.
Pliable said…
Lisa, Windows Media Player is notoriously slow to buffer the audio stream.

WinAmp or iTunes are much faster and better. Both available as free downloads -

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