Stravinsky mashed up with hip-hop

Decadance Vs. The Firebird is an urban ballet for the 21st Century. Mashing up Stravinsky's score with original, hip-hop beats, fusing breakdancing with ballet, and remixing the classic story into a contemporary text, the all-female cast challenges the ballet convention of a 'handsome prince' and instead creates a world where women battle for the right to rule the dance floor. A high energy dance performance ready to entertain diverse audiences of all ages, Decadance Vs. The Firebird presents a new vision for hip-hop dance theatre.

Sample Stravinsky mashed up with hip-hop, if you dare, by following the path from here to multimedia to the video of Decadance Vs The Firebeird.

Now read how dance is not an inferior art form.
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link.

Too bad only the dancing was interesting. A good try though, I hope it leads to something better.
John Bickley said…
Stravinsky and dance - Michael Clark Company and Britten Sinfonia are doing 3 Stravinksy works at the Barbican this week. See for more details.

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