If I had a hammer ...

Is there too much hammering of the BBC On An Overgrown Path?

A reader in an interesting position inside the walls doesn't seem to think so.

Neither do posters on the BBC Radio 3 messageboard.

Now find the hidden hammers here and here.
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Pliable said…
It is also interesting that following the upload of The art of the animateur yesterday On An Overgrown Path had its biggest readership ever. And today looks certain to beat that figure.

It's doubly interesting that quite a few of the readers are coming from the BBC.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the link Bob, but you may have misinterpreted my post. I actually think that Radio 3 is not in as much trouble as you may think.

The point I was trying to make (but obviously not very well) was to say that if Radio 3 is streaming an opera online then it must surely have a "digital" future.

I am preparing a post defending "Classical Music Star" and will let you know when it's done, so battle can commence!
Unknown said…
Sorry for the wrong name - it's Nick Reynolds here.
Pliable said…
Sure Nick 'Radio 3 is not in as much trouble as you may think.

And Northern Rock has great prospects, and Ian Blair is the country's favourite cop.



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