His Master's Voice and staff pensions

Dear pension fund member,

EMI Group Pension Fund

As you are probably aware, EMI Group plc has been taken over by Maltby Limited, a company set up by the Terra Firma group. The takeover was completed on 17 August 2007 and EMI Group plc has subsequently been delisted from the London Stock Exchange.

Despite its best efforts over a period of months, both preceding and immediately following the takeover, the Trustee Board of the EMI Group Pension Fund has not been able to reach agreement with the new owner regarding the funding of, and security available to, the Fund from 1 April 2006 (31 March 2006 is the date of the last funding valuation). Accordingly the Trustee has referred the matter to The Pensions Regulator who will initiate proper process for resolution under UK legislation. This is the normal procedure when a sponsoring company and trustees of a pension fund cannot agree the valuation basis and the contributions required.

We shall keep you informed as to developments and, in the meantime, please be assured that the Company is continuing to contribute to the Fund on the basis agreed with the Trustee at the previous valuation. This letter is for information only and no action is required on your part.

Yours sincerely
EMI Group Pension Trustees Ltd
3 October 2007

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Pliable said…
Very wise email received:

EMI Pension‏

This is how you get back at them:

Take every recording you were ever associated with at EMI and upload it to the net. For free!


David Cavlovic
Unknown said…
Let me see here: the ground could crumble underneath you, so to speak, thanks to a some exceedingly wealthy blokes who call themselves Terra Firma.

Anyone spot the irony here?

Carol Murchie
Pliable said…
Email received. Fortunately, we don't, yet, have any grandchildren.

Bob, when I was working for European social democracy (PES 1990- 204) I invented the sentence “as a result of this so called smart system youngsters will now put their grandparents on the stock market”.

Pliable said…
Nice to see this story getting coverage in Italy - http://blogregular.splinder.com/post/14319615

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