BBC - balancing form and function

Architect David Chipperfield won the prestigous Stirling Prize 2007 on Saturday for his Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach, Germany. Chipperfield is best known for his work outside the UK, but I am showcasing today a new building from his pen in Scotland, which is seen in my two photos.

Pacific Quay in Glasgow is the new headquarters for BBC Scotland, and was officially opened last month. David Chipperfield won the commission in 2001. The new centre contains the UK's most advanced broadcast studios and production facilities. The main studio is the biggest TV recording space ever built in Scotland and the second largest TV studio in Britain. It uses a hi-tech ‘hover pad’ audience seating system which can be towed in and out of the studio. The audience capacity is 320 people seated, and it is the first high definition facility of its kind in Europe.

But, as with all things BBC, the story isn't a totally happy one. After a dispute the BBC removed David Chipperfield from project management of Pacific Quay in 2004, and his involvement after that was relegated to a consultany role, which resulted in his words in a "tense environment". My pictures are from the BBC Scotland, where you will find more details of the new building, but not too much about the relationship with the architect.

Now read about more creative tension at the BBC in Scotland.
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