Keith Jarrett through a lens darkly

I've posted a few complaints about mobile phones ringing during concerts myself. But how about this from Keith Jarrett at a recent concert in Italy?

With thanks to Jack Reilly for the heads-up.
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Pliable said…
For fallout see:


As Igor Stravinsky
once said - Everyone who is creating does harm to something.
Henry Holland said…
I think King Crimson's Robert Fripp would applaud the intent behind Mr. Jarrett's rant, if not the colorful language. :-) I've seen Mr. Fripp refuse to do encores because, despite clearly posted signs and warnings before the show, someone still did flash photography 10 feet from the stage.

Cameraphones are a plague at rock concerts now.

Thanks for the link, Pliable.
Unknown said…
Each time I’ve seen Jarrett &/or the Trio (about 6 times), there have been multiple announcements (over the mic, in the programs, posted outside the halls) requesting no flash photography – and yet, in the middle of an exquisite improvisation, someone leaps-up to snatch a photograph, blinding Jarrett, DeJohnette and/or Peacock, and disturbing everyone else in the vicinity. The selfishness is astonishing, considering the outstandingly high level of live music Jarrett and/or the Trio create. (I’ve also seen adults try to gain pre-show access to his piano for photo opportunities – shocking!) Many American jazz fans are no longer satisfied with listening; they are compelled to project their own experiences on both artist and audience during live creative moments. Hubris, bad manners, or both? How else can one explain the ridiculous, “yeah Keith’s!” and whistles that ring out long after all applause die down (and/or interrupt the next solo)? Such antics increase exponentially if ECM is recording (or the venue is a concert hall). After all is said and done, Jarrett is a remarkably patient musician. Anyway, his (justified and spot-on) calling-outs of NYC sacred cows Wynton Marsalis and the Times are much more entertaining than his rants against audience photography!

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