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Who are the bloggers? Who are the podcasters? Why do they do it? Do they think radio is obsolete or alive and well? Are they partners or competitors? With broadband take up increasing and the rise and rise of Facebook, My Space and Twitter, social networking effects and personalised media have become mainstream. But what does it mean for radio when everyone is a publisher? Those were the questions asked at the Radio Academy Conference in Cambridge last week, and the video above was made by Nick Reynolds from the BBC to help answer them.

All three videos of bloggers shown at the Radio Festival are now available on You Tube. Radio Five Live’s Pods and Blogs did a special programme on the Radio Festival which can be heard here. Rory Cellan Jones posted some photos of backstage activity on Facebook, as did Matt Hall, while Jemima Kiss gave her thoughts afterwards on Media Guardian.

I must say it is great to see someone in the BBC encouraging debate about the future of radio. Well done Nick Reynolds and his colleagues.

Antony Pitts resources via this path, Jonathan Harvey via this one. And this path will take you to more than seventy other composers well worth investigating.
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Pliable said…
Seems like a good place to post a link to webcasts of the 2007 Bayreuth Festival.
Jason Heath said…
I really enjoy reading your blog and have been doing so for quite some time now. Your comments in this video about the authority that one gets from the cumulative effect of blogging are really spot-on. I certainly see this in your blog. I especially like your discussion of webcasts and how musical content that interests you has really moved in that direction.

I'm also going to post this video on my blog. Really excellent material.
Anna said…
I watched your video over on Jason's site the other day.
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it along with the rest of your blog.
Keep up the excellent work!

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