Look Out! They’re Behind You

I wrote recently about the contribution that I was asked to make to the 2007 Radio Festival which takes place this week in Cambridge. Full details of the Festival via this link, here is a summary of the session my contribution is in:

Tuesday July 10th 09:40 - Look Out! They’re Behind You – podcasters and new formats
Who are the bloggers? Who are the podcasters? Why do they do it? Do they think radio is obsolete or alive and well? Are they partners or competitors? With broadband take up increasing and the rise and rise of Facebook, My Space and Twitter, social networking effects and personalised media have become mainstream. But what does it mean for radio when everyone is a publisher?
Rory Cellan-Jones, (Technology Correspondent, BBC News) introduces some of the people “formerly known as the audience”, on blogs, on pods, online and in person.
Rory Cellan-Jones, Produced by Nick Reynolds and Simon Hopkins.

If you have a FaceBook account there are more details and pictures here. Nick Reynolds says the conference video will be on YouTube after the session. I'll publish a link when available. Now click here for more evidence that blogging is doing it for our time.
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Unknown said…
The session seemed to go well, Bob.

I hope to have the video on You Tube within the week.

Thanks again for our help.

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