iPhone - is the hardware really dead sexy?

Michele Hanson gives us the the other take on the iPhone - 'After queueing for days outside the shops in America to get the new iPhone, out people came, waving their little iPhone shopping bags in triumph to wild applause from the waiting crowds, as if they had just won the second world war. I saw one of these maniac shoppers interviewed on telly. "The hardware is dead sexy," said he.

No it is not. And neither is he. Tell him, girls. It is not sexy to obsess over pointless little gadgets and turn yourself into a boss-eyed capon with a fat bum while sitting endlessly fiddling and pokety-poking at your little bit of equipment.

Could I advise those afflicted to lock their iPhones away in a dark cupboard and step out into the world? Why not buy a dog, boys, or a pet rat, or a pot plant? Do the gardening, tap the ground repeatedly and watch the worms wriggle to the surface. It's all far more fascinating, and cheaper.'

Don't blame me, blame the Guardian. And for more mobile (sorry, cell) phones on the path try here, and here.
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Civic Center said…
Well, I'm going to blame you for reposting The Guardian's nonsense nonetheless. I hate gadgets, don't even own a cell phone, and am not even remotely a techie. Still, I use both Mac and Windows-based computers in a sophisticated manner every day, so I have to keep up just a little.

When my partner, even though we're broke, walked home the first night with the iPhone, I was mildly irritated but after playing with it and seeing how easy it was to read my photoblog and make the images full screen with the flick of a few fingers, well, let's just say the revolution hasn't been oversold. The device really is amazing and it's only going to get get more so as everyone writes software for it.
Simon HJ said…
so wrong, i think! won't gadgets like the iphone will be the first to truly set us free and allow us to 'step out into the world' in a truly connected way away from our 'dark cupboard' at home where the desktop computer lives?! S
Pliable said…
Useful consumer report here.
Hucbald said…
I ordered mine on the 30th. I'll get it Tuesday.

I'll let you know. ;^)

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