Glenn Gould - The Solitude Trilogy

Much interest in my recent article about Glenn Gould's contrapuntal radio documentary The Latecomers made for CBC. This is one of the three pioneering radio documentaries that Gould made that comprise The Solitude Trilogy. Excerpts from all three documentaries, The Latecomers, The Idea of North, and The Quiet in the Land, plus a wealth of other Glenn Gould material, are available from the CBC website.

Here is the accompanying note posted on the CBC site: These "radio documentaries", or "oral tone poems", examine both the real and imagined effects of geographical or cultural isolation on people. Glenn Gould, to whom innovation came naturally, used a technique which he called "contrapuntal radio" - a process where sound counterpoints his ideas. The programmes, viewed as revolutionary in their concept when they were first broadcast in the 1960's and 1970's, remain fresh and reflect the soul of Glenn Gould himself, the performer, the thinker, the philosopher, the composer, and indeed, someone who himself lived in isolation.

Now read about Glenn Gould's love affair with the microphone.
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