BBC - another catastrophic management failure

"The BBC has launched a wide-ranging internal investigation into the mistakes that led the controller of BBC1 to claim that the Queen had walked out of a photoshoot "in a huff". Peter Fincham was forced to apologise after wrongly claiming, while unveiling the BBC's autumn schedules, that a fly-on-the-wall documentary to be screened later in the year showed the Queen storming out of a photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz (see image above) ...

"Last night a senior BBC figure said the whole episode revealed a "catastrophic" failure of management. "If you are going to show footage of the Queen having a hissy fit to the press then you have got to make sure of what you are showing," the source

"BBC Vision director Jana Bennett is understood to be overseeing the internal review of procedures. On Thursday she called Mr Fincham to a meeting with Grant Mansfield and Stephen Lambert - two executives from the independent production company, RDF, which made the documentary...

"RDF is one of the country's leading independent production houses, making shows such as Channel 4's Wife Swap. The company, which has a staff of around 700, was founded by chief executive David Frank, 48, in 1993 after he had spent four years as a business journalist with the BBC. It is led by creative director Stephen Lambert, a former editor of BBC2's documentary strand Modern Times, who was responsible for inventing the "life swap" genre with shows such as the award-winning Faking It and Wife Swap. The company is renowned within the television industry as having a firm eye on the bottom line, with its biggest hit to date, Wife Swap, generating revenues of more than £30m since it first aired in 2004."

Extract above from today's Guardian. This kind of report seems to be almost a daily occurence, and includes BBC Radio 3.
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Hucbald said…
How on earth could they think they could get away with that? I can't imagine a scenario in which people with functioning brains could have steamed up such a scheme. Outrageous.

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