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'Teatro alla Scala's chief legal counsel ... has today asked Opera Chic in a terse but polite e-mail to change the Opera Chic website's logo because it supposedly creates confusion in the readers minds with La Scala's own official website, due to Opera Chic logo's similarity to La Scala's own logo (until a few minutes ago, now it has been replaced). La Scala also took issue with some other minor things: they don't want anybody to take pictures inside the theater before, during, or after the performances, and so they asked Opera Chic to take down from the site all and every photograph taken inside La Scala: we are working on removing those, too ...' ~ from Opera Chic blog June 6 2007.

'Want to start a blog in Iran? Then you'll have to register it with the government - which has recently begun to require that all bloggers register at samandehi.ir, a site established by the ministry of culture of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government. All you need do is give your personal information, including your blog's username and password - otherwise it will be filtered and blocked so that nobody in Iran, and perhaps outside too, will be able to access it. This has led to an outcry among many Iranian bloggers who consider the net an independent and free forum for expression' ~ from the Guardian June 7 2007. You can read President Ahmadinejad's own blog in English via this link.

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