Flying the BBC Proms flag

Hesse Lecture 2007 - Sorry you felt the need to speculatively review this in advance….how odd. As you've written a great deal of interest about the Proms in recent seasons I thought you might like to see the real thing. A shorter version will be in The Guardian tomorrow I believe - Nicholas Kenyon

This was the email sent to me yesterday by Nicholas Kenyon about my post on his 2007 Hesse Lecture, which he gave at the 2007 Aldeburgh Festival. Sure enough, a shorter version appears in today's Guardian. But there is no mention at all that the lecture was commissioned by, and given at, the Aldeburgh Festival. Instead the full page article gets the following sign-off:

Nicholas Kenyon is director of the BBC Proms, and becomes managing director of the Barbican Centre in October. The Proms: A New History is published by Thames and Hudson. BBC Proms runs between July 13 and September 8. Information and tickets: or 020-7589 8212

Not only is Nicholas Kenyon director of the BBC Proms. He is also consultant editor of the book The Proms: A New History. How odd...

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