The choice of Hercules

A leading British orchestra conductor has been jailed for nearly four years for sexually abusing young boys. Imposing sentence totalling three years nine months, Judge Hezlett Colgan told Robert King: "Your victims were in their early or mid-teens at the time. "In the case of four of them you were a trusted mentor and friend and trusted completely by their families". Sarah Whitehouse, prosecuting, said...all were now adults and although some of their recollections might now be "hazy", the accounts they had given police contained "very similar features". - BBC News June 4th 2007

A woman was yesterday handed an eight-month suspended sentence for knocking down and killing a cyclist while test driving a sports car in high stiletto heels. Julie Hunter, 42, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving after the sports car she was driving spun out of control, killing 21-year-old Debbie Riches. The judge said Hunter had been devastated by the accident, but road safety campaigners said the sentence was not severe enough. Miss Hunter, of Colchester, Essex, was test driving the red £15,000 Alpha Romeo Spyder on a residential street when the car went into a spin. The vehicle hit 21-year old Miss Riches, sending her 20ft into the air and then trapping her under the vehicle. Hunter had been driving at 50mph in a 30mph zone
- Scotsman May 22nd 2007.

The Choice of Hercules by Handel with Robert King conducting the King's Consort and Choir is available on Hyperion.
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Unknown said…
British justice has been seen to be done and Mr King has been found guilty on 14 of the 15 charges. Many issues are still unclear. However, he still protests his innocence. Was the jury wrong to convict him, and is King's denial symptomatic of a miscarriage of justice? Perhaps that denial comes from genuine disbelief that his 'playful activities' with these young men should lead to this tragedy. The reporting of this case has been very poor, sensationalising aspects and ignoring much detail - why should truth get in the way of a good headline?
Pliable said…
You make a good point Wotcha.

I was particularly appalled by this Guardian headline. - Conductor jailed for groping youths.

The nature of the offence seems to have prompted one-dimensional reporting.

Can anyone suggest any alternative views on this story that can be reblogged here?

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