Bruno Maderna the composer

My recent post about the BBC Legends release of Bruno Maderna conducting Mahler's Ninth Symphony attracted a lot of readers. So it is good to see a new CD of Maderna's music on the Vienna based Col Legno label. The new release features Maderna's three oboe concertoes played by Fabian Menzel with Michael Stern conducting the Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra. In my post I wrote: 'I the hope that we may see a revival of interest in Maderna the composer as well as Maderna the conductor'. Looks like it could be happening.

For more on Maderna on the path visit The Year is '72.
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Pliable said…
I can't find a biography of oboist Fabian Menzel to link to.

Any help appreciated.
Bruce Hodges said…
Just a few weeks ago I bought a huge boxed set, "Anthology of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: Live Recordings 1970-80," the latest in the series. One of the definite highlights so far is Maderna's Violin Concerto (1969), eloquently played by Theo Olof with Diego Masson conducting (recorded Oct. 26, 1975). I had never heard this work before and it is quite a revelation.
Anonymous said…
As Fabian Menzel is Professor für Oboe at Musikhochschule Frankfurt, I thought there were more details about him on their webpage, but... Fehlschluss! I could find a quite presentable 'Künstlerportrait' of him at – sorry, in German, but quite readable... *pointing at babelfish translator*.

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