BBC launches time travel technology

The photo above was taken at Masaaki Suzuki's wonderful Aldeburgh Festival recital in Framlingham Church yesterday morning. He played Jean Adam Guillaume Guilain, William Byrd, Henry Purcell and J.S. Bach on the Tamar organ seen here, which dates from 1674.

The BBC recorded the recital, and their microphone array, with four crossed transducers, can be seen to the right of the organ. I have written here about the much-hyped BBC iPlayer. This may not yet be launched, but it certainly promises some mind-boggling time shift possibilities. Masaaki Suzuki's recital took place on 21 June, here is the note from the Aldeburgh Festival programme booklet:

This performance is being recorded by BBC Radio 3 for broadcast on Lunchtime Concert on 11 June.

Now, for more time travel, follow a path which leads from Framlingham Church to Glenn Gould.
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Martin Belam said…
Aw, I'm gutted. I thought for a second there was going to be a bit more than clumsy sub-editing to this time travel story.

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