Sarkozy - a minor change to Europe's borders

'I want an integrated Europe, in other words, a Europe that has borders ... Turkey is in Asia Minor' ~ Nicolas Sarkozy, French President-elect.

'The selection panel for the 2010 European Capital of Culture have recommended that the German town Essen and the Hungarian city of Pécs should share this title together with a third one, Turkey's Istanbul' ~ UNESCO World Heritage website


Daniel Wolf said…
"...Turkey is in Asia Minor."

Maybe we should start a fund to give Mr. Sarkozy some geography lessons!
Pliable said…
Thanks Daniel. There's a lot of traffic hitting this post, so here is the source of the Sarkozy quote ~
Dennis said…
Speaking of geography lessons, Daniel, you are aware, I hope that "Asia Minor" is a synonmyn for the Anatolian Peninsula, which constitutes about 95% of Turkey?

Except for Constantinople, a traditionally European/Chrsitian city until capture by Turkish/Muslim imperialists in 1453, the vast majority of Turkey is indeed in Asia, and it is wishful thinking - culturally, politically, and economically - for fashionable multi-culti leftists to pretend Turkey is as "European" as any of the EU states.
Pliable said…
"Except for Constantinople" - which, let's remember, has a population of more than 10m, that's around 15% of Turkey.

And Dennis, comments are very welcome on the path, name calling isn't - and I'm very strict on that one.

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