Identikit jazz trios

Went to hear the Bobo Stenson Trio (left) in Norwich last night. Technically wonderful but curiously uninvolving music. They are one of a growing number of identikit jazz piano trios. They all come from Scandinavia, are all squeaky-clean superb musicians, all have ECM recording contracts, all play somewhere on a continuum between Bill Evans and free jazz, and all drink the same brand of mineral water between numbers.


Cursed Tea said…
You need to come to New Orleans - no self respecting jazzer here ever drinks mineral water between sets!!
They play highly involving music!!!
Banquo Calhoun said…
Are you familiar with the young Norwegian trio In the Country? In their case it's Bill Evans meets Morton Feldman - amongst others. They also purvey a natty line in knitwear ( but don't let that put you off. Their first CD is a masterpiece, the second a venture beyond the trio format that isn't as captivating. But more than your average Nordic jazz group. I have no idea what they drink between sets.

(By the way, I think your blog is terrific. I first came here by way of a bilious Google search whilst listening to Radio 3: probably whilst Sarah Walker on.)

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