Having a ball at the 2007 BBC Proms

West End star Michael Ball has also been signed up to perform an evening of show tunes at the Royal Albert Hall on 27 August as part of the 2007 BBC Promenade Concerts season announced today . Ball, who has starred in The Phantom of the Opera, Aspects Of Love, Les Miserables and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, will perform hits from West End and Broadway musicals.

Outgoing Proms ditector Nicholas Kenyon said: "I think he is one of the great, intelligent singing artists alive today. "He deserves a place at the Proms just as much as performers in the great classical tradition. Our job is to cover the whole waterfront."

The Proms programme also includes a concert featuring scores from celebrated British films including The Dam Busters, Shakespeare In Love, Bridge Over The River Kwai and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone . Report from BBC News.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but at least there is an end to the drought of women composers.

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Kyle L said…
I don't see much wrong with those two concerts. I take it that you are concerned that the administrators are dumbing down the festival.

I'll confess that if I was in London this summer, I wouldn't even consider going to those concerts--being lured by more enticing programs.
I'll be stuck in a cultural backwater of Florida though ;-)
petemaskreplica said…
I've nothing against either of these concerts, even though they're not my thing. It's certainly not unprecedented to have concerts of film music or show tunes at the Proms. I'm more surprised that people don't seem to have picked up on the fact that they've programmed Beethoven 9 twice, which really does seem to be a colossal waste of time and a failure of imagination.

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