Lebrecht lost?

As Paul Donovan pointed out in the Times the BBC are being very secretive about what is happening in the new Radio 3 schedules. Regular readers will know I am a huge fan of Norman Lebrecht, so I am very disturbed to report that Lebrecht Live seems to have disappeared both from the Radio 3 programmes page, and from its regular last Sunday of the month slot, although Norman is still listed as a presenter. Is Lebrecht lost, or will Norm bluster back in another slot? Watch this space.
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Pliable said…
An inside source within the BBC suggests that a recent edition of Lebrecht Live failed to generate a single listener phone call.
Cyril Connolly said…
What the blogging world needs is Lebrechtwatch. Who'll take up the challenge?
BTW, he is to speak at the Charleston Festival on his favourite theme: why public support for the arts is a waste of money. Handy for Glyndebourne.

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