Soviet blacklist fatigue sets in

BBC Radio 3 is currently running a commercial radio style promotional trailer for their Sofia Gubaidulina festival next weekend, and this trailer uses Soviet blacklisting as a positive feature of Gubaidulina's music. Now I am a huge fan of Sofia Gubaidulina, and have already praised the festival here. But using Soviet blacklisting as an endorsement is a dangerous path to go down. Among the other contemporary musicians who could claim this particular endorsement are Village People (above), Donna Summer and Julio Iglesias. And does the fact that the Soviet state concert agency Goskoncert actively promoted Shostakovich's music from 1955 reduce his claim to be a great composer?

Now read about The frustration of the classical music industry
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Pliable said…
It's amazing who reads On An Overgrown Path.

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Thanks for your mention in your blog, "The Overgrown Path"...I enjoyed reading it.

Happy 2007.

Randy Jones

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