Neither typically avant garde nor minimalist

Galina Ustvolskaya stands outside fashion, past or present. Hallmarks of her style are unswerving severity and seriousness, presented in a predominantly harsh, hard-edged sound spectrum, eschewing the tonal gradations and pedalling subtleties of the best-loved piano music. It is bleak and compelling, neither typically avant garde nor minimalist; cathartic but never comfortable: - from an excellent obituary of Galina Ustvolskaya in today's Guardian.

Now read about another contemporary composer who was Neither avant garde nor traditional.
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Pliable said…
Email received:Hello, thanks for your beautiful blog. nor.html Of course on the page linked above that is not a picture of Galina Ustvolskaya.Rather a picture of Delia Derbyshire (of Dr Who theme music fame)at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Tried to say this in the comments on your blog but did not understand theID business, it wanted some url????

Best wishes, Mike Gorman

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