Naxos launches books with Stravinsky title

Robert Craft, whose recordings of the complete works of Stravinsky and Schoenberg are currently being released on Naxos, launched his latest collection of memoirs at a press reception in The Ritz, London recently.

Down a Path of Wonder (Naxos Books, 1-84379-217-6 / 978-1-84379-217-8, £19.99) brings together in nearly 600 pages his association over six decades with many of the leading artistic and cultural figures of the 20th century – Stravinsky and Schoenberg in particular, but also W.H. Auden, T.S. Eliot, George Balanchine, Aldous Huxley and many more. The book is packed with observations and anecdotes, many drawn from his close association with Stravinsky.

Interestingly, Craft declared that despite his championing of Stravinsky’s music, he retains a particular respect for Schoenberg’s music. ‘I have got to know it much better since making the recordings for Naxos. Who knows the Opus 8 songs, for example? – but they are wonderful.’

The publication of Down a Path of Wonder is given extra impetus by the current controversy that has emerged following the appearance of the second volume of Stephen Walsh’s Stravinsky biography, The Second Exile. Craft claims that there are some 400 errors in this book.

Naxos Books is a new imprint launched by Naxos to publish classical music books, many with CDs and website attached. For further details visit:

From Naxos website. For an interview with Robert Craft in today's Guardian follow this link.

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