You couldn’t ask for anything more ...

I missed this one because I was in France in September, but it is worth reprising. The top three aren't too much of a surprise, but numbers 4 and 5 are worth the click as well.

The Times September 02, 2006 - The top five websites. This week - classical music

On An Overgrown Path - This blog is updated every day with well-written posts on the likes of Britten and the BBC Proms, along with links to news articles and MP3s. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

Sandow - A long-standing critic, Greg Sandow asks the big question — “Is classical music dying?” — and explores it with angst and expertise. He also responds in depth to readers’ comments and questions.

The Well-Tempered Blog - If you like short posts delivered within three minutes of each other, you’ll like Bart Collins’ blog, which is essential reading for all classical music news junkies.

Classical pontifications with Professor Herbie McJeebie
It may sound like some crazy Open University programme made by Disney, but our professor investigates “the trajectory of contemporary canonic classical music”, focusing on young composers.

Múica Clássica - Spain has produced such fine composers as Manuel de Falla and Joaquin Rodrigo, and this blog offers a “special emphasis” on the country’s classical music scene.

Meanwhile, eat your heart out Norman Lebrecht. Music blogs continue to bloom with our reviews now being quoted alongside 'paid for' media such as The Times, Chicago Tribune and BBC Radio 3 CD Review

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Rod Warner said…
... hi Pliable... this site always opens new doors for me... came idly surfing through and clicked on the 'our reviews being quoted' link... off to find more about Eric Whitacre... listened to some music on his site... and have just ordered the Sunburst CD... gorgeous and uplifting... thank you!
Rod Warner said…
... that of course should read 'Cloudburst' CD!

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