Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky tandem cycle

I hear on the grapevine that BBC Radio 3 are broadcasting the complete works of both Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky over five days starting February 10 2007. Other details are sketchy. You heard it first On An Overgrown Path, more details when available.

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Pliable said…
Konrad, thanks for those nice words.

Altavista's Babel Fish online translator actually translates Dutch to English. The results are far from perfect, but they allow a grasp of the content of the article.

Go to
Pliable said…
I have received an email from someone who has a good reason to remain anonymous giving the background to the tandem photo. It is a historic print taken in the dunes in The Hague, and - I can’t seem to get away from the Third Reich - it is the precise area where the Nazis made their Dutch base in the early 1940s.

The reach, and knowledge, of my readers never ceases to amaze me.
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olive said…
i am the owner of the picture, it's on my website it is a picture of my late husband, jan kortland and his dad, also jan kortland...

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