Philadelphia Orchestra's magic fire music

On June the 16, 1984, the Théatre du Chatelet had invited a series of guest Orchestras to perform. Muti (left) performed Franck's Symphony in the first half with the Philadelphia Orchestra. During the interval, a wire burned which caused some fire alarms to ring and the iron curtain to drop. The curtain was finally lifted and the intendant came to explain the situation. There was no apparent smoke and all was OK, but the doctor who was touring with the orchestra thought that the concert could not resume. (which should have been Mahler 1). History repeat itself at this year's BBC Proms. How many of the Philadelphians who were in the Orchestra in '84 are still there ? - writes contributor Antoine Leboyer, who also provides a wonderful Overgrown Path to my Reflections on the Philadelphia Orchestra

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Pliable said…
Franck's Symphony in D in the first half with Mahler's First Symphony in the second - what a bizarre piece of programme planning.

Did they travel with a Havergal Brian symphony for an encore?

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