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Pliable has developed such elegant blogging chops that what he delivers is always a rich and sensory experience. A recent post takes the fast lane on a bizarre route that begins with Condolleeza Rice scowling at Brahms, and moves through Hitler, Hanfstaengl and Poulenc ... and then finishes with the voice of Paul Eluard himself, reading his poem "Liberté". Virtuosic blogging. Always an essential read.

Sorry I just couldn't resist re-blogging that one. Appreciated Cathy, and I do recommend visiting Fullermusic for the inside track on musical life in Boston, Massachusetts.

And just in case anyone thinks I'm getting carried away, I do realise the dangers of believing what others write about you. I did some background reading on Sibelius prior to last night's inspirational BBC Prom, in which Sir Colin Davis conducted the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain in the transcedental Seventh Symphony. Here is what American critic Harold C. Schonberg wrote about Sibelius in his 1970 book 'The Lives of the Great Composers'.

Sibelius composed only a handful of works that have any chance of survival ... He did, after all, talk with an individual voice when he was at his best, and he deserves to occupy an honorable place among the minor composers.

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Shablagoo! said…
I thought the NYO were very impressive in the Seventh and the preceeding Janacek.

As for Mr Schonberg 'insights' on Sibelius are less impressive... ;)

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