New Chicago classical music blog

Hi - I’m writing to let you know about a new classical music blog and online community -- Chicago Classical Music:

The site was created by a consortium of Chicago-area music groups, including Ravinia, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Chamber Musicians, Chicago Sinfonietta, Chicago Opera Theater, Elgin Symphony Orchestra, Music of the Baroque and Grant Park Music Festival.

Executive staff members from each organization contribute to the blog. Other features include a calendar of upcoming performances; forums for discussing classical music, swapping tickets and finding rideshares; online chats with other members and special guests; and reviews and articles submitted by readers. The site is free, though registration is required to create a personal profile and submit reviews.

Chicago Classical Music is still in its early stages, and we’re officially in pilot mode through July under the auspices of the Arts & Business Council of Chicago. But we’re proud of what we’ve pulled together so far and invite you to take a look.

Your blog is one of the ones featured on our classical music blogroll. We’d love a link or mention from your site if it seems appropriate.

Steve Burkholder, Administrative Intern, Arts and Business Council of Chicago adminintern at

My pleasure Steve, good luck with the blog, here's the link again.

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Pliable said…
Steve does say 'Chicago Classical Music is still in its early stages, and we’re officially in pilot mode through July' and when I uploaded this article there seemed to be some problems on his server. But I am sure it is only temporary, so keep checking out the link for news of great music in the Windy City..
Pliable said…
Just checked again and the Chicago Classical Music Blog is there and working beautifully.

Probably a planned outage in the middle of the night Chicago time, which is morning here in the UK!

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