A question of accent - Cantéyodjyâ

Increasing numbers of readers are coming On An Overgrown Path via news feeds such Topix.net's very useful Symphony News, which is great for the readership figures. But when I write an article I use the correct accents wherever possible. And unfortunately Topix.net can't handle accents, and simply omits the character completely. This means this morning's story flashed round the internet on their news feed looking like this:

Time for orchestra players to change their tune?
On An Overgrown Path 3 hours ago

What is the difference between Var se's Am riques and a British orchestra? In the Var se the whining stops when the applause begins.

Despite Edgard Varèse being abbreviated down to a département of France I am going to keep using accents. If my articles appear as nonsense blame the software, not the blogger. And just for the hell of it I am going to mention Messiaen's piano piece Cantéyodjyâ to see what Topix.net does with that - click here for the answer.

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Pliable said…
Well to prove me wrong Topix.net stripped the accents off the letters in Cantéyodjyâ but didn't delete the characters - see here.

Perhaps it leaves headlines intact and deletes in the body copy?

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