Gyorgy Kurtag as webcast composer of the week

There is a classical radio station on the web that has all the musical riches of BBC Radio 3 without the banal chat in between. As a bonus it currently has György Kurtág (right) as composer of the week at 7.30pm European time - which is more than BBC Radio 3 has. As I write Radio 3 is broadcasting a two hour retrospective on that seminal contemporary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Sounds too good to be true? Follow this link to Dutch NOS Radio 4 and click on 'luister listen' to find out for yourself. There are even live relays from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in the evenings.

Click here or on the Programmagids button on the right of the home page for daily programme listings in Dutch. Convert programme times to your local time zone using this link.

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Pliable said…
Lovely to see this story as the lead on an Andrew Lloyd Webber news feed.
Pliable said…
Just to show that Holland really is where it is happening musically here are details of two concerts that took place there this week. They were sent to me by the irrepressible Vanessa Lann whose string quartet was played alongside Reich, Nancarrow and oh joy! - Perotinus. What a wonderfully imaginative programme, I only wish I could have been there.

za. 18 februari, 20.15, De Doelen, Rotterdam (inleiding om 19.30 uur door Hans Koolmees)

zo. 19 februari, 20.30, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam


Perotinus (1160-1205): Viderunt Omnes (bewerking Hans Koolmees)

Ron Ford (1959): Idee Fixe (premiere) en Arriere-pensee (premiere)

Vanessa Lann (1968): Lullabye For A Young Girl Dreaming

Conlon Nancarrow (1912-1997): Piece nr. 2 for small orchestra

Cuvelier (1372-1387): Se galaas

Solage (1370-1390): s' Aincy estoit en Fumeux fume

Sander Germanus (1972): Lunapark (premiere)

Steve Reich (1936): New York Counterpoint (bewerking Raaf Hekkema)
Pliable said…
Vanessa has quite rightly said I should mention the performers in the concerts detailed in the previous comment.

They were:

Arie van Beek, conductor

Calefax Rietkwintet (in English: Calefax Reed Quintet)

DoelenEnsemble (Eng: Doelen Ensemble)

DoelenKwartet (Eng: Doelen Quartet)


"bewerking" means arrangement !

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