Blogger is a bogger

If you've been having problems getting On An Overgrown Path today, or the other fine music blogs which have a address, it isn't your fault - or mine - the hosting Blogger software seems to be acting flaky to say the least. The readership stats are way down in response. Here is the official Blogger statement, but in plain English I think they are saying it is bust:

' is back working again, again. Unscheduled outage hat trick tonight. As I get more information from our worldwide operations team I’ll let you know a bit more of why went down, and what we’ve done to keep this particular problem at bay.'

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the design for the Blogger logo which I've used above was done by a consultancy in San Francisco company called Stopdesign.

For more Blogger nonsense take An Overgrown Path to Lost in translation


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