Oh the perks of music blogging ...

Hey there! First off, I enjoy your blog immensely...you give me many tips for new music! I'm a musician from Brooklyn doing the night gig and day job thing (I work on a reality TV show at MTV and can afford you some prime gossip). I have toured nationally, have a good online presence, and am finishing up my sixth album and plugging away at a dream I really believe in.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you if I can send you my new album. It's pretty awesome and I'm really proud of it and I'm trying to get it out into the world as much as I can. I figure if you listen to a track or two and giggle or wiggle your ass a little, my postage is well spent! And maybe just maybe you'll love it so much that you'll mention it on your blog. I figure anyone who runs a blog is down with guerilla word-of-mouth PR campaigns. At least I hope so.... ;)

May I send it to you? I hope you'll feel comfy giving me a mailing address. But there we go!

Thanks and keep rockin the web!
Jenn Lindsay

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Anonymous said…
I didn't know that Seth Gordon had a twin sister!!!

If he doesn't --- Seth, call this woman and ask her for a date!!!
Your problems may be solved!!!

Pliable said…
Zeno, you've lost me.

I've even Googled Seth Gordon and I'm none the wiser.

I'm going back to Gesualdo's Tenebrae Responsories
Pliable said…
Jenn Lindsay seems to have underestimated the power of blogging in general, and that of On An Overgrown Path in particular.

Jenn asks me to point out that the offer of a free CD only applies to lucky me, not you the readers. And her new CD is not out for another month as it is currently being mastered.

So that all means you will have to spend your February pocket money on The Sixteen's superb new album of music by Tomas Luis de Victoria, Devotion to our Lady, instead.
Pliable said…
Six months later the sad coda to this little story is that I never even got the CD!

As my wife told me, that will teach me to believe emails from ladies I have never met.
Seth Gordon said…
I guess I'm a little late coming to this, but... really? You think she looks like me? Isn't that kind of a dis on her, comparing her to my ugly mug?

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