His Master's Voice

Last Friday's Guardian carried a full page interview with EMI Chairman Eric Nicoli but I didn't bother to link to it. The only thing I learnt from it is that Nicoli is one of the new generation of record company executives who can talk the talk on MP3 downloads and namedrop Coldplay, but thinks Má Vlast is a side effect of too many bean burritos.

Meanwhile EMI license their crown jewels, such as Giulini's Missa Solemnis, to entrepreneurial little companies like Brilliant Classics who make a killing, and the orchestra owned labels clean up all the industry awards.

But fear not, the future of the record company that brought you Jacqueline Du Pré's Elgar Cello Concerto, Herbert von Karajan's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg and many more recorded masterpieces (and where I once worked) is assured. Under the guiding hand of Eric Nicoli the EMI Classics web site tells me their "latest classical release is from Wild, the sensational new signing to EMI Classics, managed by impresario Mel Bush. This super sexy multi-talented group, with strong classical backgrounds, have come together to create a new visual sound that has the ability to cross all music barriers around the world."

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Shablagoo! said…
Wild... :/
Ben.H said…
"A new visual sound"?

Mel Bush is, of course, the same "impresario" who gave the world the enduring musical talents of Bond and Vanessa-Mae. How does he keep coming up with new ideas like this?

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