Free Mozart MP3 downloads from Danish Radio

After the outcry over the Beethoven Symphony files the BBC saw sense and didn't offer any free audio downloads in their Bach Christmas.

But now Danish Radio are at it. As part of their Mozart celebrations Danish Broadcasting Corporation are offering free downloads of nine of Mozart’s symphonies played by the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The first downloads are available on January 27 with Symphony No. 15 in G-flat. This is followed by symphonies Nos. 41, 36, 40, 23, 15, 34, 39, 17 and 35.

If you must, here is the link for the downloads. But be warned it is in Danish, and AltaVista's Babel Fish translator doesn't handle Danish!

Presumably after the outcry in Denmark there will be no Mendelssohn downloads from Danish Radio for the 160th anniversary of his death in 2007. Then it is over to you New Zealand Radio ...

With thanks to fellow blogger Jon Lund for this story
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Pliable said…
On An Overgrown Path seemed to hit all the right buttons yesterday and returned its biggest readership figure ever - the actual figure was quite astonishing, I'm talking thousands of readers here.

What is particularly pleasing is that the stories featured Elliott Carter,Osvaldo Golijov, Duarté Lobo and William Byrd (plus a little Keane and Franz Ferdinand!). It does show there is a real interest out there for 'serious' music. Yes, there was also this Wolfgang Amadeus story, but it ran too late to really impact on the ratings.

Many thanks to you, the readers, for showing that there is a real market for real music.
Daniel Wolf said…
I believe that Symphony Nr. 15 is in plain G Major. For his orchestral works, Mozart kept to the best meantone keys - Eb through A in Major with g in minor (and possibly a minor, if the "Odense" K. 16a is authentic).
Pliable said…
Daniel, you are of course quite right.

My error, made when cutting and pasting from the Danish language original on the Danish Radio web site.

It is a great reassurance to know there are so many eagle-eyed readers On An Overgrown Path!
Hucbald said…
Looks like the various state radio stations are playing a game of musical chairs (ha, ha) with this download idea. It seems like if there is a large celebration of a certain composer a selected list of free downloads wouldn't be a bad idea, but the immense catalog that the beeb offered is, of course, destructive. Not to mention ridiculous.
Anonymous said…
The links for the free downloads Does NOT WORK !!!???


Pliable said…
The broken link to the Danish Radio Mozart downloads reported by the previous anonymous poster is fixed.

Wasn't a problem On An Overgrown Path - Danish Radio moved them!
Anonymous said…
These are fine performances, especially for those listeners who are familiar with these symphonies through a single conductor's interpretation. I am pleased with Marriner's complete set, but his take on the symphonies seems staid compared to the spirited interpretation that Dausgaard (the conductor here) infuses in these remarkable pieces.
Anonymous said…
Dear Pliable,

Greetings and Good Morning.

This is a humble request for "Mozart's 9 Symphonies" which were aired in mp3 format by "Danish Public radio in January 2006".

More about me.

I am an Indian Catholic Christian of Portuguese Descent from South Asia, India and I am a huge Fan of the works of Mozart.

I have been listening to the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Palestrina, and Tomas Luis De Victoria to mention a few from the age of 10.

I also learnt the violin at the age of 10.

I specially love the "Religious Compositions" of Mozart ie his Masses, Vespers, etc.

I have been searching all over the internet for Free High Quality mp3's of Mozart for more than a year and I have not come across any.

It is unfortunate that yesterday when I came across your Post on your awesome Blog Spot and clicked on some of the Links in your first message no mp3's were displayed -- I guess all of them were taken down by Danish Radio.

I was wondering if I could ask you for a request, if it's possible.

Would it be possible to send me these mp3's of all these concerts that were played by "Danish National Radio in Denmark in January 2006 ?

I say this because in my country such Music is impossible to get at all.

If you cannot send these mp3 files to me, is there anyone else who could send them to me ?

I would be most grateful for any assistance in this regard.

I am so sad and dissapointed that I missed out on these awesome mp3's.

Finally, if you do come across any more awesome mp3's by this Station or any other Station, please intimate me.

Regards and Have a Good Day.

P.S. - Are these 9 symphonies still available at I Tunes through the Feed ?

Please send them to me.

Thye can also be sent to a "Temporary Web server" called Dropload.
Unknown said…
Dear Anonymous - Try this site ---

You will find the complete works of Mozart there. There is no info on the artists, and you have to be careful to label everything when you download, because the files are numbered, not named. But the sound is pretty good.

Good luck.

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