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When I welcomed the new Naxos blog a month ago I had some concerns that it would turn out to be a smooth corporate PR machine for their new releases. Well, so far it has turned out to be ..... er ..... a smooth corporate PR machine for their new releases.

By contrast another new blogger on Sequenza21 is in the running for my best new blog of 2005 award. Blockdogred's Indie Beat meets the three tests for a great blog - personal, passionate and unpredictable. It is also refreshingly free of the tiresome uptown/midtown/downtown patois that makes some of the other discussions on Sequenza21 difficult to relate to if, like both Benjamin Britten and me, you live on the wrong east coast.

Another new blogger over at Sequenza21 is Jack Reilly. He first found out what a blog is when I blogged him a while back in Journey with Jack Reilly. Now the 73 year young jazzer is blogging like a veteran. He is a great all round musician, and he has something to say. Read him.

Finally Music in a moment is yet another interesting new blog. John Clare's introductory manifesto is a bit top heavy- 'Don't listen to live, live to listen. Broaden you musical horizon and be opened to a lifetime in a measure. Music is powerful. It is special. I sincerely believe that you can "live" in a moment of music'. But once you're through the treacle the the blog starts very promisingly with features (and audio files) on Andrzej Panufnik and Walter Mays among others. Check it out.

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Pliable said…
Some more information - John Clare, who blogs at Music in a Moment is a classical music programmer and broadcaster at WITF - FM in Harrisburg, PA. More information and listen online via
this link.

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