Hanns Eisler's Christmas Carol

There is only one outstanding CD release among all the usual Christmas dross.

Totally unmissable is Deutsche Grammophon's mid-price re-release of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol & Mr. Pickwick's Christmas (from 1941 and 1944 respectively). Charles Laughton narrates, Ronald Colman is Scrooge, and the music is by Hanns Eisler - yes I repeat that, the music is by Hanns Eisler.

This is the only way to satisfy the family with something suitably seasonal from Hollywood, and to satisfy yourself with music from an outstanding 20th century composer from the radical left.

And here, exclusively On An Overgrown Path, is a quick burst of Dickens and Eisler, to get you in the Christmas mood -

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Image credit - Pliable, Berlin Christmas 2005 taken on Nikon F50 SLR hand-held using 200 ASA film.
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Kathy said…
oh gosh, thanks for this. My father had this on casette, I think. We, of course, listened every year.

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